‘Parasite’ shot by GEN ENERGY batteries

獲獎南韓電影《上流寄生族》攝影機全程採用了GEN ENERGY batteries。GEN ENERGY batteries有超強防撞設計,更獲得美軍的標准證書。而且解決傳統電池經常短路的問題外,同時能有效地降低電池溫度,增加電池壽命。GEN ENERGY batteries高效能且穩定的表現,當然能令攝影機發揮非一般功效!


The OSCAR movie ‘Parasite’ was shooting with GEN ENERGY batteries.

GEN ENERGY’s Anti-collision design let it got the US Military standard certificate the first in the world and only. It not only solved the short-circuit problem 100% perfectly, but also lower the temperature inside and terminal by lowering the resistance inside to make the batteries' life longer.


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