BlackPearl Object Storage Disk manages their storage cost effect

Spectra Logic的BlackPearl Object Storage Disk可有效管理存儲成本,並根據客戶需要擴展到15 PB以上。它不僅可以適應無磁帶或混合存儲的環境,而且還具有BlackPearl Object Storage Disk的獨特功能﹕Power Down。Power Down功能在數據中心節省大量的OPEX,從而減輕了電氣系統和HVAC系統的負擔,因此延長了Storage壽命,每年還可節省數萬美元!難怪大部份的媒體及影音公司都採用BlackPearl Object Storage Disk。

Nearly all media workflows and organizations will greatly benefit from the low-cost and feature-rich BlackPearl Object Storage Disk of Spectra Logic.
BlackPearl Object Storage Disk manages their storage cost effectively and scales as needed to over 15 petabytes. It not only accommodates environments that are tapeless, or that desire mixed storage, but also has the Power Down, the unique features to BlackPearl Object Storage Disk. Power Down can make the batteries' life longer and save approaches tens of thousands of dollars annually.

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