更快、更簡單、更驚艷︰SHOGUN 7

SHOGUN 7是個HDR Pro /電影監視器-記錄器-切換器。在HDR監控下,SHOGUN 7可以把任何HDMI或SDI攝像機捕獲的圖像提升到新的水平。1,000,000:1的對比度和3000nits的峰值亮度,和四個1080p60流同時單獨記錄,並將程序輸出記錄為第五記錄更令你的創作更簡單、更精細。另外,藉SHOGUN 7的動態分區背光,清晰顯示高光細節,令黑色更深,白色更明亮之餘,亦可以以HDR波形工具來確保完美的曝光,色彩和白平衡。帶你非一般體驗。

SHOGUN 7還有更多強大功能,包括放大拍攝RAW優勢、ProRes壓縮技術應用、支援Final Cut Pro X和Grass Valley Edius等等。

SHOGUN 7 is a 7" HDR Pro/Cinema Monitor-Recorder-Switcher, that elevates the image captured by any HDMI or SDI camera to new levels. With 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and peak brightness of 3000nits and four 1080p60 streams Simultaneous recording, make the creating easier and more detailed. On the other hands, using the dynamic zoned backlight, let blacks deeper, whites brighter, and the details of highlights are crystal clear. Also, can ensure perfect exposure, colour and white balance.

There are more useful features of SHOGUN 7, including ProRes compression technology, supporting Final Cut Pro X and Grass Valley Edius. 

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